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Hidden Treasures in Richmond

Hidden Treasures in RichmondWhen considering Richmond's many years of history, it would seem that there really isn't anything in the city that hasn't been discovered, unearthed, or documented. That, in a sense, is what makes finding hidden treasures in the city all the more special. And, while these discoveries may not transform the historical stature of the nation or radically alter the political landscape, these special places will surely mean something nearly as significant to the individuals who are lucky and determined enough to find them.

Mariah Robinson's Antiques
Antiquing is a form of hunting, and as any seasoned veteran of the hunt will tell you, it's all about being in the right place at the right time. Mariah Robinson's Antiques is most definitely such a place. The elegantly arranged shop is both classy and inviting, and you will be instantly mesmerized by the incredible selection of antiques, fine art, estate silver and jewels, porcelain and crystal. While Mariah Robinson's may make the hunt a little easier by presenting an amazing selection of items in one place, the last challenge is deciding which pieces will make their way home with you.

Address: 3455 West Cary Street, Richmond, VA 23221 - MAP
Phone: (804) 355-1996

West End Antique Mall
There is no question that antiques are classic. It only makes sense to purchase those precious items from an establishment that is nearly as time-tested as the antiques themselves. West End Antique Mall more than lives up to its reputation, and that commitment to excellence in both inventory and service is what has made area shoppers vote them as Richmond's Top Antique Mall. Featuring over 250 booths placed over 53,000 square feet, you'll find such treasures as porcelain, fine art, mirrors, lighting, pottery, silver, carpets and much more.

Address: 2004 Staples Mill Road, Richmond, VA - MAP
Phone: (804) 359-1600

Hampton House Gifts
Hampton House Gifts makes finding that perfect item easier than you would imagine. From pointing and clicking on their website to pinpointing your favorite item in the store, the staff prides itself on their expertise and excellent customer service to ensure you take home the perfect item. There's also a bridal registry available to ensure that the couple of the hour will receive gifts that are just as unique as their love for one another.

Address: 5807 Patterson Avenue, Richmond, VA 23226 - MAP
Phone: (804) 285-3479

Goodstuff Consignments
Goodstuff Consignments more than lives up to its name. This unique store features an ever-changing inventory based on what customers bring in on consignment. And, as everyone knows, one person's junk is another one's treasure. You could find that elusive collector's item or rare centerpiece by browsing the comfortable yet expansive store. Some of Goodstuff's stuff includes paintings, glassware, vintage toys, artifacts, books, linens, furniture, pottery and photography. Your good stuff is here among the many great finds just waiting to be discovered.

Address: 2724 Tinsley Drive, Richmond, VA - MAP
Phone: (804) 560-4015

Alpha Comics and Games
For over two decades, the pros at Alpha Comics and Games have been putting smiles on the faces of comic book collectors. They not only specialize in special editions and hardbound editions of your favorites, they also have an extensive selection of trading cards, action figures, statuettes and lots more. If you have ever wanted to learn more about comic collecting or you have a friend you want to get a special gift for, Alpha Comics and Games is where you'll be the hero.

Address: 1601 Willow Lawn Drive, #132, Richmond, VA 23230 - MAP
Phone: (804) 282-5532
Web: Website

Quilting Adventures
Grab your threads and needles and take off on a great adventure-a quilting adventure, that is. Let the professionals at Quilting Adventures make your dreams of creating the perfect quilt a reality. They have all the materials you'll need-plus they offer classes and guidance-that will help you to create a quilt that will be an expression of your talent. Once you're done making it, you can be sure that it won't be your last quilted creation, thanks to the friendly help and expertise of the staff at Quilting Adventures.

Address: 1601 Willow Lawn Drive #108, Richmond, VA 23230 - MAP
Phone: (804) 262-0005