Richmond Attractions

Richmond's rich history and inviting landscape combine to create a beautifully classic backdrop against which some of the city's most popular attractions come alive. Whether its a trip through a renowned museum, a stroll through a perfectly manicured garden or a visit to an award-winning zoo, these famous sites only enhance Richmond's reputation as a city that's as enthusiastic about its future as it is proud of its past.

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
When you walk through the doors of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, you'll be struck by the breathtaking collection of true masterpieces by Renoir, Picasso and Warhol, just to name a few. Enjoy a cup of coffee from the Best Cafe or a bite from the Amuse Restaurant while you browse through the impressive gift shop that carries an amazing selection of prints, books and children's items. This world-renowned museum and attraction boasts some of the best loved pieces that art lovers travel from everywhere to see. While these works may be considered Egyptian art, Chinese art, or medieval and renaissance art, the awe that it inspires in those who see it defies categorization.

Address: 200 North Blvd., Richmond, VA 23220 - MAP
Phone: (804) 340-1400

Science Museum of Virginia
Curiosity is meant to inspire you to want to learn more, and if you've ever been curious about anything scientific, there's a good chance you'll find out more about it at the Science Museum of Virginia. You'll encounter interactive displays and attractions about electricity, astronomy, physical science and even computers. Don't forget to see the special exhibit that features a dizzying array of optical illusions. Also, for more amazing views, watch the show at the Ethyl Universe Planetarium and Space Theater for a show that is truly out of this world!

Address: 2500 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23220 - MAP
Phone: (804) 864-1400

Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
The Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden is one of Richmond's most beautiful attractions. This natural haven of flowers and plants is highlighted by picturesque paths and vistas that invite you to take a leisurely, relaxing walk. Spread out over 24 luxurious acres, the Ginter Botanical Garden features various landscape designs, seasonal displays and gardening techniques. Also on site, you'll find a truly breathtaking example of a Victorian garden as well as Bloemendaal, an 1888 Victorian manor that has been meticulously maintained to retain its regal, commanding appearance. History and pageantry balance perfectly at this truly unforgettable garden.

Address: 1800 Lakeside Ave., Richmond, VA 23228 - MAP
Phone: (804) 262-9887

Paramount's Kings Dominion
Sometimes, acting like a kid is the perfect way to relieve the stresses of everyday life. The perfect place to do just that is Paramount's Kings Dominion. Ride the incredible array of rollercoasters to see just how brave you really are! The park features plenty of attractions, including two suspended rollercoasters, the Volcano and the Blast Coaster to suit every thrill-seeker. Also, the kids will absolutely love Kidsville, a town that is built especially for the pint-sized members of your family. The park's hours vary seasonally, so check the website for admission times and days of operation.

Address: 16000 Theme Park Way, Doswell, VA 23047 - MAP
Phone: (804) 876-5000

Museum and White House of the Confederacy
The Civil War still echoes in Richmond, and you can glimpse one of the most turbulent times in American history by visiting the Museum and White House of the Confederacy. You'll see an astounding collection of artifacts that include artwork, letters, and other interesting items that date back to the Civil War. Some of the highlights at this attraction include Stonewall Jackson's weaponry and Robert E. Lee's "Appomattox" sword. The White House of the Confederacy has been meticulously restored to reflect what it looked like when Confederate President Jefferson Davis lived here. Don't forget to stop into the Haversack store for some unique novelty items and rare reproduction artifacts that will please any history buff.

Address: 1201 East Clay Street, Richmond, VA 23219 - MAP
Phone: (804) 649-1861

Metro Richmond Zoo
Ever wanted to pet a giraffe or hear what a whistling orangutan sounds like? Then head to the Metro Richmond Zoo for that and lots more amazing animal antics. The zoo is home to more than 400 animals with most of them placed in their natural habitats, offering you a chance to see how they interact with their surroundings and each other. This incredible selection of domestic and exotic animals is something that the whole family will want to experience, so don't forget to bring your camera to snap photos of your favorite creatures and attractions. Plus, you can pick up souvenirs and other unique items in the zoo gift shop.

Address: 8300 Beaver Ridge Road, Mosely, VA 23120 - MAP
Phone: (804) 739-5666