Richmond Nightlife

Richmond NightlifeRichmond has a lot to celebrate. Whether it's the city's impressive preservation of its history, its vibrant commercial, artistic or educational entities or the unshakable work ethic of its citizens, the nightlife scene is where hard work is always rewarded. Join in that celebration by relaxing in the city's widely appealing selection of venues that make up Richmond's nightlife. Dress up for a classy dinner or head out to your favorite pub with your mates, but either way, be prepared for a great evening out in a town that has plenty of reasons to celebrate.

McCormack's Irish Pub
McCormack's Irish Pub is one of those dive bars that has a kind of nearly palpable charm. Come on in and feel welcomed from the minute you settle into your booth or onto your barstool. McCormack's features a great beer and wine selection, great service and some of the area's best live music - all the components of a great nightlife destination. So if your luck seems a little less than good lately, come on over to Richmond's favorite Irish Pub and watch your luck change almost immediately.

Address: 12 North 18th Street, Richmond, VA 23223 - MAP
Phone: (804) 648-1003
Web: Website

Richmond's Legend Brewery Company
Richmond's Legend Brewing Company more than lives up to its name. This is a favorite nightlife spot of many locals, and it's easy to see why. The bar features a great view of the James River near Belle Isle and that's just the beginning. Beer lovers gravitate to Legend for the incredible selection of the best homemade brews that include porters, brown ales and pilsners that taste even better when enjoyed with the menu's equally impressive selection of appetizers. Find your spot out on the patio and you have the makings of a truly legendary good time at Legend's.

Address: 321 West 7th Street, Richmond, VA - MAP
Phone: (804) 232-3446

Buddy's is actually the perfect name for this bar, as you will more than likely be "buddies" with several of the people here because of both the venue's popularity and its unusually small size. Actually, this popular under-30s crowd watering hole is five times longer than it is wide, so you will press the flesh quite a bit, even if you are just heading to the bar. Buddy's serves a light menu early in the evening, but if you wait until later to try and get in, you might be facing at least a 15-minute wait outside. Then again, you might make a new "buddy" before you even enter the bar!

Address: 600 N Sheppard St, Richmond, VA 23221 - MAP
Phone: (804) 355-3701