Romantic Date Ideas in Richmond

Romantic Date Ideas in RichmondHas it gotten to the point that you can't even remember the last time you and your significant other spent some quality time together? It really isn't anyone's fault, what with the busy schedules but the wait has been long enough; make a little room on your calendars and venture out to explore these romantic date opportunities in Richmond.

Hollywood Cemetery
While the idea of visiting a cemetery may not initially strike you as a romantic date, the Hollywood Cemetery is no ordinary resting place. The serene views and incredibly ornate headstone monuments create picturesque scenes that are truly spectacular. Additionally, several luminaries and famous figures are buried here, and that adds a dimension of curiosity to your visit. Plus, the Hollywood Cemetery is in close proximity to the James River, providing serene and visually captivating backdrop to your evening. In all, this romantic date is peaceful and thought provoking and will surely spark several conversations between you and your mate.

Address: 412 S Cherry St, Richmond, VA 23220 - MAP
Phone: (804) 648-8501

Harnett Museum of Art
Strolling hand in hand while taking in one memorable piece of art after another is a great way to spend quality time with your honey, and the best place to enjoy some fine displays of great artistic expressions is the Harnett Museum of Art. The museum opened in 1968, and since then the staff has prided itself on consistently acquiring some of the world's most recognized works by some of the world's best known artists. To balance that goal, the museum also presents work from students that proves to be just as thought provoking.

Address: 28 Westhampton Way, Richmond, VA 23173 - MAP
Phone: (804) 289-8276

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
You and your mate have been paying attention to everyone all week, but your romantic date with your significant other should involve paying attention to each other. You will find yourself doing that as the two of you get lost in the awesome selection of paintings, sculptures, and mixed media art that is found in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. The pieces presented span the ancient to the present. Popular features include Mellon collections of Sporting Art, French Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and the Lewis Collections of Art Nouveau. So, whether you like the classic or the modern, you'll find art that suits your taste at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Address: 200 N Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23220 - MAP
Phone: (804) 340-1400